Sky broadband and TV customers to be hit by price increase

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Customers of Sky and the energy firms British Gas and EDF are facing price increases in the spring that will add up to £97 a year to bills.

Sky’s broadband and TV customers will be hit with an average price rise of £36 a year. The exact increase will depend on how many Sky products you have and when you signed up.

Customers on its popular Sky broadband essential package will see what they pay go up by £3 a month, while those who take its anytime calls package will pay £2 more a month. The company says the rises are capped at £6 a month or £72 a year, and that 8% of customers will be hit by the maximum £72 increase. Those affected have the right to leave their contracts penalty-free.

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Meanwhile, the energy regulator, Ofgem, recently announced that the price cap had been increased. The move affects anyone on their gas and electricity provider’s standard tariff.

This week British Gas and EDF said they would pass on the price cap increase from 1 April. Customers’ bills will rise by a heady 9%, or an average of about £97 a year. Bills for big-consuming households will rise by significantly more.

The other energy firms will almost certainly follow suit. However, customers on standard tariffs are free to leave at any time. Most affected households could save £200-plus a year by switching to a low-cost provider, or a bit less by locking into a new deal with their existing supplier.

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