Sainsbury’s fails to deliver on its customer service

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I booked a home-delivery slot with Sainsbury’s but it was cancelled without any notice and, nearly a month on, I’m still waiting for a full refund. I’m a single parent recovering from major leg surgery, so I can’t get to the shops. Customer services could only offer me a new slot a week later, or a “click and collect” option from Ashford, 30 miles away, neither of which was suitable. I’ve made several complaints by phone and email, but received no response. I understand that unforeseen circumstances may mean deliveries have to be rescheduled, but if a delivery is cancelled then it should be redelivered within 24 hours.
NS, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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Sainsbury’s told me that the van delivering your order was damaged by local flooding. However, that doesn’t explain why it was seemingly impervious to your plight when you explained you could not wait a further week for food – or why, until my intervention, they did not refund you the £88 you paid. It has apologised and added £40 of vouchers as goodwill. But now that its delivery service is a lifeline for so many people stranded at home, its customer service needs to do better than this.

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