Redrow twice tried to grab some of the front garden from our new home

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Last January we bought a semi-detached new-build. Last month the developer, Redrow, twice attempted to appropriate part of our front garden to widen the communal drive. It did this without any prior notice or explanation and only stopped when we threatened to call the police. We became prisoners in our own home as we awaited written confirmation that it wouldn’t make a third attempt. Redrow now adds insult to injury by suggesting its communication on the matter could have been “clearer”.

Not only does this imply that some prior communication was attempted, but that, as we are in our 70s, we are too senile to understand plain English. An apology would be enough. It’s their attempts to deny the undeniable that are so enraging.

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GG, Wilton, Wiltshire

Your map shows that the developer tried to shear off a flower bed bordering your front lawn. It says: “We have apologised after one of our third-party workers incorrectly sought to alter a half-metre patch of land to assist with his neighbour’s driveway access. Works were not commenced and no land taken or altered.” This is at odds with the explanation given to you. And the fact the works were stopped because you prevented them. Moreover, you say you have never received any apology. Your garden is still intact; it’s Redrow’s reputation which has been despoiled by this shabby case.

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