Post Office credit card firm JaJa won’t let me access my account

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Having decided to close my credit card account with JaJa, which has taken over the Post Office’s credit card business, I contacted the firm in a bid to pay off any money I owed. But because I couldn’t tell them exactly when I took out the old Post Office card – it was more than 15 years ago – I “failed” security and my card was blocked.

All my attempts to resolve this have failed, despite various calls, four letters and several emails. I had to send a certified copy of my passport at a cost of £12. My attempts to download its app have all failed. JaJa has not replied to a single letter or email. I can honestly say that this is the worst company I have dealt with in my 76 years.

DK, Barnsley

Oh dear. JaJa, which bought the Bank of Ireland UK’s credit card business, has not got off to a great operational start. There are lots of people complaining online about the switch – with the failure to download the app and non-existent customer services a particular source of frustration. I can’t remember seeing such a poor Trustpilot score – 95% “bad” reviews at the time of writing.

Happily for DK, our call to the company managed to get the card unblocked and he has since been able to access the positive balance. The company has apologised and paid him £150 compensation.

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“Following the recent transfer, some customers have had difficulties registering for our app and online servicing. This has increased the number of calls to our customer service centre. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience,” it says.

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DK says he is still unable to download the app, and will now just run down the balance to zero.

And finally…

AS from Devizes wrote to praise the staff at the town’s Vodafone store who, she says, could not have done more for two homeless men who were buying the cheapest mobiles available.

“I was waiting to be served. As the pair had never used a mobile, the assistant spent 20 minutes explaining everything. To check they had understood, he asked them to phone and text the shop. It was all done with great empathy and respect. He treated them as if they had been buying the most expensive phone deal available,” she says.

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