Our £1,000 cooker is unsafe but we can’t get it fixed

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In 2017 I bought an expensive £1,000 Britannia induction cooker from Appliance City, thinking I was buying a high-quality, safe product. From new, the oven switches would become untouchably hot. Then, just after the two-year warranty expired, the oven started tripping all the electrics in our home.

Over the next three and a half months Britannia sent nine engineers in a bid to fix the problem. Each one claimed to have found a different fault. Various elements were changed. The two engineers who came out before Christmas last year told me it had been wired wrongly. They finally got it working and attached the oven switches again.

Unfortunately, last month the control switches collapsed into the cooker when I turned it off. Unable to face the ordeal of going through Britannia again, I called out a reputable local engineer, who declared it unsafe. He has offered to repair it if I can get the parts, but getting them from Britannia is proving impossible.

I’m the sole carer of my disabled daughter. The reason I bought the cooker is that she loves cooking – and this is her main stimulation.

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We are struggling, and having to rely on a slow cooker. CM, London

Britannia cookers are not cheap – some cost in excess of £4,000 – but look very stylish. However, some of the recent reviews from owners are terrible, with repeated problems which seem rather too common.

We were expecting a big battle to get this fixed, given that the oven was out of warranty, but in fairness to Britannia and Appliance City, they moved very quickly, and have given you a full refund.

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You are hugely relieved and will hopefully be able to get back to cooking with your daughter very soon. Others considering a Britannia cooker would be well advised to read the reviews first.

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