Don’t deny us the joy of cheap flowers

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I’m sure cheap flowers do have a high environmental cost (Letters, 25 February). However, there seems to be a lack of empathy here for those who can’t afford a beautiful bunch of “field-grown” British flowers, but can enjoy the beauty of their vase of £1 daffodils. If we aren’t careful, saving the planet will become a class issue. Most of us do what we can, recycling etc, but don’t deny us the joy of a bunch of flowers.
Diane Woodley
Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

With respect to the plan to exhume the remains of Venerable Mother Cornelia Connelly (Plan to move Sussex nun’s bones to US faces local opposition, 23 February), it would be a miracle if the Catholic hierarchy paid any attention to the desires of the local laity. Would that count towards her canonisation?
Eric Barber
Impington, Cambridgeshire

The sleuths are wrong (‘Dare mighty things’: hidden message found on Nasa Mars rover parachute, 23 February). The parachute pattern is Devon dialect and encourages Martians to “Visit Tiverton Pannier Market, open weekly for essentials”.
Frank McBratney
Wiveliscombe, Somerset

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I can’t vouch for the difficulty levels of the crosswords (Letters, 24 February), but “glamour puss” as the solution to the clue “Beautiful young woman” (Quick crossword, 24 February)? Come on, what is this, Titbits circa 1960?
Ian Churchill
Bramhope, West Yorkshire

Your report (Be ‘muscular’ and drive green recovery, Cameron tells Johnson, 24 February) says David Cameron, when he was prime minister, “oversaw the UK’s recovery from the 2008 financial crisis”. Recovery? What recovery?
Chris Entwistle
Tiptree, Essex

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Re Adrian Chiles calling his dog Tito (Seven weeks in, what have I learned from my new life as a dog person?, 24 February), I named a cockerel Zhukov, after the Soviet marshal, and a hamster Ptolemy, after the Egypt-conquering general.
Lucy Matthews